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can you leagally advertise for just a single or couple

can you leagally advertise in Ohio to rent to a single or couple have a small mobile home that is not really big enough for more than couple but can you leagally say this

You do not want to dicriminate but it is hard to prove , You could say a great apartment for singles or a couple and go thru the applications and see what pops up, You never have to say what your underlying feeling is.
In short, yes you can --  HOWEVER,  in many states you can not explicitly state something such as: no children allowed - yet, you can directly say that the mobile home is perfect for a single or a 2 person couple.  You simply must word it in a manner that is attractive to singles or couples only without expressly prohibiting someone because of familial status. In other words, you can imply no children or large families, but can not say it in some states. Confusing, I know.  If any case, you do have the right to ask who will occupy the mobile home. If people who do not fit the proper criteria apply, keep taking apps until someone who fits the bill comes along.
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