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pet urine smell

Has anyone had any good experience getting dog urine smell out of carpet?  Most of the professional carpet cleaners I've spoken to said that they can clean and treat the carpet, but there are no guarantees that the smell will be gone or won't come back.  Any suggestions?  Should I opt to just replace the carpet or try to have it cleaned?

The first thing I would do is buy a few heavy-duty carpet cleaners, and try your luck with them yourself.  If they fail, just replace the carpet in the affected rooms; no use paying to have them cleaned when you can just spend a little more and replace the carpet itself.
Thanks for your response, Renee.  I think my problem is way beyond the point of doing anything myself with cleaners.  I open the door to the room and the smell is overwhelming.  Thanks, again.
Not only can pet urine damage the carpet and the padding, it can also penetrate into the sub flooring.  I have found that using a pine sol cleaner and floor scrub brush will work.  You may have to do this 2 or 3 times allowing the sub flooring to dry out in between times.  If this does not work you will have to replace the sub flooring or the smell can linger into the new floor covering.
Thanks for your response, Kat.
Try Resolve Pet Odor control: dowse the carpet & let is soak in before the cleaners get to it.  It is suppose to neutralize the urine odors.  Also, if you end up replacing the carpet buy rubber pad, it is an upgrade(but pretty standard anymore) from the recycled foam but it prevents anything from soaking through to the subfloor & keeps the stain on the top.  
Your welcome.  Have a great evening!
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