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question about drug use inside property

Does anyone on this forum have any experience with a tenant using drugs inside the property?  The tenant is already scheduled to move out on September 30th, but I'm concerned about cleaning up after a possible meth user.  When I entered the property on September 25th, I was overcome by a pungent smell of something like glue or cleaner.  My suspicion is that the tenant was smoking meth shortly before I entered the property.  I need help figuring out what to do to clean up the property so my next tenant is safe from meth residue.  Any ideas or suggestions or experience with this issue??? HELP!

Hmmm, that's a tough one. My first priority would be getting the tenant out, everything else is secondary.  Once they're out, I would warn your cleanup crew of your suspicions, and tell them that they accept the job at their own risk (you could always record this conversation if you really want to CYA). Have them steam clean the carpets, and spray a LOT of Lysol in there, and of course keep the old tenant's security deposit to pay for all this clean up.
Thanks for your reply, Renee.  Luckily, the tenant is out as of today and left voluntarily.  Thanks for your advice on the cleanup situation.
My experience has been that if they are just using, clean up is enough. However, if they are manufacturing and making the drug inside a home, the house has to be completely gutted and redone. It is in the drywall, floors, everything.
Yes I have, however he had a prescription from a DR and was very nice and quit about it
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