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Problems with acess to property

I have a tenant family who have been in the property for a little over two years.  In February I put the house on the market for sale, and since then have been having recurring problems with agents getting access to the property.  The wife works from home so my realtor and I agreed with the tenants not to put a lock box on the property and to allow access to the property by appointment between 4:30-9:00pm weekdays and on during the days on weekends.  Even so, the tenants have not responded to several attempts by agents to see the property, the wife claiming that it isn't always convenient.  In this slow market, every attempt to show the property counts, as there are too many properties for prospective buyers to wait around.  I am even having trouble getting into the property to show to my realtor.  The tenants are not late in their rent, so that isn't the reason.  Any suggestions?  There is a lease, and I could give them notice, but then the property would be vacant during a slow fall season.  

I would just install a lockbox and give the tenants the required notice in your state before showing the property. You have a legal right to enter the property, so long as you give the tenants notice.
How many days notice do I have to give a tenant to show a property in Alabama!  They are not paying rent and are two & 1/2 months behind!
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