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Property Management Accounting Software

Does anyone have any recomendations for accounting software for rental properties.  Thanks in advance.  Michael

Gregory  Thanks for the reply.  I found them also and I just signed up for their free trial.   
Give a look at TrustLink. Customizable and suitable for nearly every HOA, regardless of its size.
yes, I use Quicken Rental so that I can split out my houses individually. I can also use it to track my expenses and it seams perfectly with Turbo Tax.
There are a lot of options: Tenant Pro, Promas, Buildium, Appfolio, etc.  It really depends upon how many properties you're managing.  If it's fewer than 20, I would recommend a spreadsheet or Quicken.  Don't get complicated and expensive for such a small amount of data.  I manage 130 rental units and spent a couple months researching the various programs available.  I used all the free trials and eventually settled on Buildium.  I liked the price and the features matched what I was looking for.  Although I've occasionally drooled over a particular feature offered by someone else, there's nothing (in my mind) that is comparable.  I especially like the customer service!  I can email them a problem and usually get a response within 30 minutes.  If I need help faster, I pick up the phone and they're right on it.  That's worth a lot!  You're on the right path.  Test them out and see what works best for you and your needs.
Try out, it's a new property management web site for landlords that is currently in beta. For this reason, you get 2 months free right now, after that it'd only be $5/month if you have 1-2 properties.  It's simple and intuitive to use, which is more than I can say for other software I've used such as Quickbooks, Quicken Rental Property Manager and LandlordMAX.   Some of the features: - Manage your properties, tenants, lease agreements, and rental finances. - Generate alerts when tenants are late on rent, when a tenant's lease is ending, etc... - Run reports on things like net operating income, cash on cash invested, etc... - Document sharing (lease agreements, eviction notices) - Prospective tenant history search
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