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Unit needs new subflooring in bathroom

Recently purchased duplex then interviewed current tenants..after asking all tenants if there are issues that need to be tenant mentioned a leaking toilet. Upon further investigation..the previous owner failed to repair toilet properly. The unit now needs a subfloor along with new linoleum. Hoping the bathroom only needs a new subfloor and not a 'sub' subfloor ( not sure what the layer under the subfloor is called) unsure what to do about dispalcing the tenant for what may be a whole day, maybe even overnight, does an owner offer to put tenant up in a hotel for one night? Or Do you ask tenant if they have a place to go for one night, be it a relative or friends home, in order for the newly installed floor to properly set well and completely dry (caulking and all) Any comment would be appreciated..Thanks

No Takers? Opinions? Advice? Thoughts?
We had this issue a few months ago and happened to have a vacancy in the complex. While the repairs were being made, we gave a key to the vacant apartment for the tenant to use the shower, bath facilities. This worked really well for us. Melanie H, TX
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