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Providing heat, included in rent

I have a building in which heat is included in the rent. MA has strict laws on temperature parameters, and I am very diligent in maintaining those parameters, to the point that many tenants complain the building is TOO warm. One tenant continuously complains that she is cold, and she uses the kitchen stove for supplemental heat. She has burned out two and a third stove was just delivered on Friday Dec 23. I need to find a way to prove what she is doing. Any ideas, anyone?

Make an excuse that you are checking the building smoke detectors. If you see the stove on and nothing cooking, make a note of date and time and send a letter.
Good idea, thanks. I'll see what happens.
You can actually fine her for using illegal heating source. In my contract it states they can not use the oven as heat make sure she is changing her filters as well that could be why she is cold.   
No filters, we're in New England - radiators w/forced hot water. But a very good point about unauthorized heat. Her problem is she's originally from the South (so am I, but I accept where I moved to) and wants to continue walking around in shorts and no sleeves in the winter.
It may be legal to put a security camera in the apartment over the stove.
It is very illegal to put any kind of camera's in a home that you manage.
Yes, at least in MA it is. And I have a new wrinkle in that she is subsidized by the state and I've just discovered that she has an unauthorized person living in the unit. So, with no action on my part, and by only letting her case worker know, it's resolved to some extent. She has lost her subsidy, and can't afford the rent without it. She's been told to move. Now I just have to get her out. Thanks for all the comments, they gave me a bit of perspective on different angles that might be possible!
The other option might have been to just get her a radiant heater or two.
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