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Damaged door.....

I just put in a steel door @ one of my apartments ...not even a month ago. The tenent called to say "she doesn`t know what happened,but on the outside of thedoor on top it has 4 pretty good size dents". Now my question is who is responsable for this? Its a steel door so...its not a fix its a replace. Thank-you Kim

Thank-You for responding....I was there when installed,but you made a very good point.I had a neighboring tenent move about the same time the door was damaged so....thinking that is how it was damaged. Hard to prove though so I`ll just have to suck it up and replace. Thanks again!
Are you sure that it wasn't installed that way? Were you there watching it being installed and checked it after the work was completed? The location of the damage begs the could the tenant have created the dents and what caused it? It's not uncommon that installers have damaged items being installed and hoping it's not noticed.
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