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Home Maintenance & Improvements

I am renting out a room in my older home. I know that there are specific regulations to follow regarding lead-paint related renovations/repairs (i..e, anything that might disturb the paint such as scraping or fixing a wall or ceiling). Are there any other home improvement regs we should be aware of? (For example we're putting a concrete walkway in the yard)

Do you have a homeowners association, if so there may rules/regulations regarding the improvements you make on your home. For example, we had a home in a historic district and could not even put a shed in the yard. If not, you may also want to contact your city zoning department.
Thanks. We don't have an HOA. I contacted the City and they said my suggested improvement/landscaping was fine and we don't need a permit. Our housemate is pretty easygoing and he is happy with any improvement.
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