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Maintaining the landscaping

My Tenant is suppose to cut the grass, pull weeds and trim shrubs and bushes.  They are not.  I was going to add a maintenance fee if they didn't do this at least twice a month.  I didn't know how to collect if they didn't.  We are near the home so I can see if it is being done or not.  I did it myself the other day.  I found out the tenant didn't think they should since they were paying rent, even though it says it in the lease.  I don't really want to get rid of the tenant, just want them to do the grass, etc.  Think adding more money to the rent for NOT doing it may encourage them to do it.  But, if it doesn't, and they don't cut the grass, how does anyone suggest I going about billing/collecting the maintenance fee.  It would be $75 per month.

Are they on a lease?  If a month to month, then give them a 30-day notice that you will be raising the rent $75/month but they will get the benefit of not doing yardwork.
Thanks.  Yes, they are on the lease and it specifically says they have to mow the grass, etc.  Saying in the way that they will 'get the benefit' makes it easier to swallow.  Thanks! What would you do if they say they will do the yardwork (no rent increase), like they are suppose to, but they still don't?  I'm trying not to raise the rent and if they did the yardwork, they didn't have to pay the extra $75, but I'm not sure how I can manage that.  What do you think?
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