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not paying rent or utilies

The tenant was presented to me through real estate agent and he made out th lease for us.After that we took over the management of the home. Turned out that the tenant can't put the Peco bill on his name for financial reasons,so we said ok,but you need to pay it back us. He promised and thank us for that. He paid one month but now even after e-mailing to him the gas/electricbill,he has not paid it in and I just got another bill. the lease indicates that he is responsible but it does not seam to bother him. On top of that he did not pay the rent either this month. I did sent him an e-mail but no reply. I prefer to settle with the tenant in a peaceful way (with out trethening with eviction).He just moved in 3 moths ago. I reather not go through painting the whole house etc.before renting it out again.I have read about how to send a "late rent notice" but I am still not sure.   Maggie

Thank you Karen for your reply.Should I send a certified letter with signed returned also ? What I hear is that tenants just don't pick up the registered mail knowing what's in it.  
Margaret, you would def want to send late utility notices, and keep them for your records... along with a late rent notice. If the tenant continues to not pay you will need to proceed with an eviction. It's best to have the documentation supporting the eviction.
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