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Maintenance: Tenants Not Home

I own a rental property in the state of Wisconsin, and I live in Nevada.  My property manager needed to perform some maintenance inside the residence, and I notified the tenants several days before. I asked them when they would be home, as the manager will need access to the residence. They responded with some times, and I scheduled the time with the property manager, and advised the tenants of the time the manager would be there.  The manager later notified me that he went to do the work, and nobody was home. This is an unnecessary expense now that I have to bear. The manager's gas/vehicle mileage and time was MY expense (as the Landlord), but now that I have to set up another time, and I'll have to pay the manager for both, isn't it fair for me to bill the Tenants for the first trip, as they were not there when they were supposed to be, and the time we had agreed upon?  In the event that they choose not to pay me for that, can I withhold actual costs (manager's mileage + labor time) for that one trip from the Tenants' security deposit?  Thanks...

Go over your property management agreement, see if it states anything regarding this issue, otherwise, you probably can not withhold paying your property manager.
Also with Mary Ann's response, was the notice a notice to enter, in that case the property manager could have a key and enter.  Did the tenant assume this was the case?
Well, it just happened because of miscommunication between you and your tenants. I would suggest you not to charge your tenants for the manager's visit. It may leave a bad impression.  Hunter Rentals & Property Management
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