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Sued over ice maker?

Hello all, I have a situation where my tenant is threatening to sue me over an ice maker working sporadically.  I left appliances at the house as a courtesy to the tenant (fridge, wash/dryer, dishwasher, stove).  When she told me the ice machine wasn't working I hired an appliance repairman to come to the house and fix it.  He installed a new ice maker, replaced the filter and checked the water lines.  Everything seemed to work, until three days later.  My tenant called me again and told me the ice maker wasn't working.  I called the repairman back and he went out to investigate and has no idea what's wrong.  He said he could replace the entire filtration system on the fridge but it would cost over $600.  I'm already into this ice maker repair for $300, so I told the repairman no thanks.  I called the tenant back and told her that she would have to make due with ice trays or I could purchase a small counter top ice maker.  She threw a fit and is threatening to sue me.  I think I've shown I am more than willing to work with her.  However, I could use some advise on my rights as a landlord. Thank you for you help.

Matt... what would the tenant be suing for? To force the landlord to install an ice maker? What attorney would take such a silly case?
Giver her a  dollar store ice cube tray.  There -- you've just provided a new "ice maker".
Technically, if a lease provides for an appliance or service, the landlord is responsible for making sure that the said appliance or service is in working condition depending on how the repairs and maintenance are set up in the lease. It appears that you have made every attempt to make this tenant happy including providing an automatic ice maker. I cannot imagine a Judge on earth that would permit a tenant to receive judgment on such a case. But one never knows, so make sure you show proof of what you have done thus far and what you have offered.
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