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Getting stuck with unpaid bills...

We own a property in Nevada, and had tenants break a lease late last year. At the time, the place was being managed by a Century 21 outfit. Anyway, my new tenants are trying to hook up their garbage collection, and the company is not letting them, as apparently the previous tenants were not paying their bill, which was left at a few hundred dollars. They are saying that we, as the owners, are ultimately responsible for that bill. Is that true? Does this mean that I have to check whether or not a tenant is paying their various bills, lest I find out (much later) that I'm on the hook for unpaid amounts? Doesn't seem right to me...  Any info appreciated.

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Depends upon if that those bills are a lien against the property versus against the tenant.  In Milwaukee, garbage is a lien against the property.  So you should take that amount out of their security deposit when they leave.  It sounds like it's too late for that (you didn't check before returning their deposit), so you're stuck with the bill.
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