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water damage

Tenants left town for holidays. In their absence was an ice storm with power outages. Tenants returned after holidays to find no heat and broken water pipes with water and ice throughout house. Tenants have paid current rent. It appears that furnace did not come back on after power was restored and remained off until they returned. Do I have any obligation to refund any current rent and am I entitled to withhold security deposit as the damages occurred in their absence.

Ouch to both parties, it is not the fault of the tenant entirely, in fact it may not be their fault at all. Because of loss of power and the furnace not starting back up there must have been possibly a faulty furnace part.  This probably falls under more of an act of god or force of nature and your insurance should cover it, and hopefully the tenants insurance if they have renters insurance. You may be held responsible for the tenants stay while it is fixed. I would speak with them and your insurance company and try to work through it together. No body seems to really be at fault here.
It depends on the contract as well.  Was there any specification that the water supply shall be turned off if the tenants leave?   Also, New York state's  particular tenant laws might have certain caveats written in to it as well.
It is not the tenants fault coz everything happened in there absence moreover, they have nothing to do with the loss of power. I even discussed about it with my property manager at Lone Star Realty and he has the same views. The tenants needn't pay any thing.
Have a window company check the window for water leaks....... both physical & water test. They'll spay water on/around window for a period of time......If window is found sound, you may consider applying the testing cost to the other damages.
thank you, but she already went to an attorney who sent the letter that she is not liable and I am having difficulty finding testimonials or a window company who would perform a test.
Don't let a lawyer's letter scare you. That's what they get paid to do hoping you'll not pursue your case. Weigh the damage cost to the cost of hiring a professional property inspector to examine the window. Don't forget to ask inspector if s(he) can tell you if window does or could have leaked given its current condition. Good luck.
As we invest too much in renovating home, just to give a classy and rich look all over the home. But if some damage like you said above, about the water damage they may disturb the whole interiors and give an ugly look. Just a few days ago one of my cousin's bathroom, bathtub pipes were getting leaked and the whole area of restroom got covered full of water, this made her accessories kept in restroom got destroyed as the things got drowned in water and were floating. So she decided to contact some expert from agents whom they looked after fitting the pipes and the damaged caused dues to flood.
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