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Showing an apartment

Why is it that some landlords don't want to show the apartment until AFTER the lease is signed?  Is this legal?

It is not legal and I am surprised, how people signed the lease before checking the apartment. Recently I found an apartment through Lone Star Realty and I signed the lease agreement after completing my all check regarding the apartment.
It is not legal like Ryan said and I to am shocked that someone would sign a lease before even taking a look at the property. If I was looking to rent or buy something you better believe I am taking a thorough look at it before I sign anything. Truly shocking.
so what are my options since I moved into the apartment without seeing it?  I am not satisfied with it at all; it's too small.   It's hard to believe I did something that dumb.  I was in a hurry to move from where I was; it was too rushed.  Do I have any legal options now?
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