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CLause with PEts

hi I would like to put a clause in my agreement that smoking is allowed but..... when the house goes on the market, all residual smell of smoke should be gone (renters cannot smoke anymore), clean drapery, furniture, etc The determination of residual smoke will be determined by the real estate and the agent will provide feedback to the landlord.  The land lord will have the tenant to take measures to clear the home of residual smoke (which the tenant will bear the cost). is this clause ok, the property is in washington dc

should have stated home with smoking inside
If you are putting the house on the market, I would just tell them no smoking. I doubt they will quit. Smokers generally cannot smell smoke like nonsmokers can. I don't allow smoking on my property at all, let alone in the apt. and it is stated in the lease. I still have had people smoke.
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