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Sending Notices to Tenants by Email or Text

I find it easier to communicate with my tenants by email or text. The problem is they often never bother to reply, even when I request them to. My question is, for the purposes of record keeping, particularly if I am sending a violation notice, is the fact I sent the email enough even if they don't acknowledge receiving it. I have even tried the "read receipt/delivery receipt" thing but if they have a free account, it doesn't prompt them for an answer and they can choose not to anyway. If I had to go through an eviction would these hold up in court as evidence I had given them notification? Because of the lack of response I have been hand delivering these types of notices but I would like to be able to just email them directly from this site when I create them to save on printing etc. Any insight particularly with regard to Massachusetts Laws would be appreciated. Thank you

You are most welcome Amanda. You'll get things covered.
Thanks Adam - I am new to this and want to make sure I am covered.
Well, I'm not aware about the Massachusetts laws but when I discussed the matter with my agent at Lone Star Realty, he stated that you could consider this condition as an evidence in court. Coz it's tenant's fault if they are not paying attention to all the notices being sent by you.
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