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Nosey Neighbors

I think giving a little history might help with the answers I’m looking for.  I am currently renting out my house as I moved in with my fiancé.  With the market the way it is we both decided it would be better to rent than to sell right now.  I bought the house before I met my fiancé and lived in the house for a total of two years before we decided to move in together.  So . . . I was friendly with the neighbors as I lived there and some of them have my phone number.  The family that I am currently renting to have gone through some difficult times and have since decided to break-up (family of 5 and the boyfriend has moved out).  The Mom is now trying to make it on her own and start her life over with 3 little ones to care for.  I have had a few minor problems since they moved in, but nothing that I feel they should move out or be evicted for.  She is paying the rent on time and taking care of the house the best she can.  The houses in the area are some-what close together and one of the neighbors complains EVERY TIME something goes on at the house. Unfortunately, the Mom (tenant) has had to call the police a few times for her own safety because of whatever is going on with the ex-boyfriend.  The neighbor feels that I should find out why the police were there and tell her what’s going on.  My question is do I have any obligation to find out and tell the neighbor what’s going on?  Can she do anything legally against me or the tenant?  I do know what’s going on, but I don’t feel that the neighbor needs to know as it’s none of her business.  Thanks for any input/insight is greatly appreciated.  The house is in MA.

The neighbors don't have any right to know the situation going on with your tenants. So, don't worry about the matter. If you still need more information, I'll talk to my agent at Lone Star Realty & Property Management, Inc. and will get back to you.
I checked with the police and they told me I have no obligation to tell the neighbor what's going on.  I did politely tell them that it's not up to me to tell them what's going on in the tenants life.  If the neighbor wants to get friendly and talk with her she can.  But I'm not opening my month.  thank you for hte replies. J
You might actually breach the tenant's confidentiality if you tell the neighbor the details. If I were you I would change my number  (so the neighbor can't call) or politely tell them that by law, you can't disclose. (I don't know if that is actually true but maybe the neighbor will then leave you alone). Worst case if it gets really annoying, change your number
I think the neighbor is just afraid something is going to happen to THEIR house.
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