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Is this :egal?

Hello my names Larry. INDIANA  Around Three years ago I was hired as a Property Mngr/Maintenance Technician for a small Property Owner, Heres the issues..I was getting Disability *from SSI*  and getting eight dollars an hour for associated duties . When I moved INTO one of the Propertys, I was informed my "rent" was 485 but reduced by 100 for labor. Which I often put in thirty in the suimmer sometimes more than 40  to sometimes Eighty hours a week in the winter, I reciieve no gas allowance nor does the Executor allow a pre paid card for my materials,  I recieve 25 dollars to collect the rents I have Never recieved a showing fee and when I couldnt pay rent the Executor cut off my pay and now claims I owe 5000 plus in rent/ Any help would be greatly apprreciated

The best thing to do is to have a property managers contract so that both parties agree on fair terms. You may want to negotiate new terms. If you have any proof of your income and duties you may want to contact an attorney to help them negotiate a settlement.
You will need legal advice, and unfortunately, that is not provided on this website. I would get into contact with free legal support and explain the situation.
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