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Reantal Property Management Software

I have 9 properties. I am looking for software that will help me manage the payments and expenses to simplify tax time. What are you using? What are the pros and cons of your system?

There are many systems out there. I have created a pretty in-depth excel spread sheet, and out of the many programs that I have used this is the best for me personally. I like knowing the program and that I can basically do anything I want in it. The biggest con is needing to know the program. It is something one may want to take a course in. As for Paper work and forms I have been using ezlandlordforms  now for a number of years and have kept a downloaded file of everything that I have made. Again I do set a good amount of time for just managing aside, I currently only have 4 properties so I am able to handle the flow nicely. I would love to hear what others out there use especially once they get into the double digits of rentals. I hope this helped a little!
I recommend It's simple and free. I've been using it for a while and I actually look forward to tax time now that I'm organized. Good luck!
I had been using RentecDirect, but I recently switched to Easy Property Management software from Dectia , after I downloaded their free version and found it to be less complicated and more appropriate for my purposes.  I was also impressed that has Schedule E reporting built in.  Hope that helps.
Frontaide is web based property management software for managing your visitors; it also helps you acquire and retain them. Managing your property requires quick access to information. As owners or managers, you want to know exactly how your business operates. For more details visit:
I have been using Managemybuildings and so far it works for me. It is user friendly, syncs with quickbooks and I think is very easy to use.
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