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All your stupid discussions are about landlords rights.  What about them taking advantage of people by providing  crappy paint jobs, painted sinks dirty carpets. Promising to do things to get a renter and then saying there will be delays after I am ready to move in. My landlord promised a window in a master bedroom with no window! Now he says he will have to wait until spring for the rain to stop.  And that is only part of it!!

He does not intend to paint t after a ten year rental until he trims his orchard!!! I am furious!
That’s why you shouldn’t make verbal agreements with your landlord. If you’re agreed on something, make record of it and give your landlord to sign that document. Thus, you’ll have evidences of landlord’s promises. Keeping everything in written is good way to protect yourself. And remember, if your landlord ever promised you a repair, you need to make everything possible to hold your landlord to that promise.
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