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Saving Money On Water Bill

Hey everyone well I run an apartment building with my uncle Out in queens we have been getting hit hard with water bills as the price of water and hot water has gone up and we were getting hit hard with tenants using a large amount of hot water, also increasing our electric and gas bill. Well we found a solution to this, a friend of mine was able to help me and direct me to this wonder company called The Water Scrooge. We were able to save 30% on our yearly water bill. There has been a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and more money in our pockets since then. Thank You!!! The Water Scrooge!!!

Why are the tenants not paying their own utilities? This should be on them and not on you. Also if you contact the Utility co. immediately you may be able to work out a payment plan so that the bill does not fluctuate. You would then be able to add the cost of the bill into each rental cost. Is this Water Scrooge company available in all states or is it just a local co.? Might be nice to look into.
Well Derrick D, Its located in New York at the moment. If you would like more information you can call their office and ask for David Schwartz 516-545-0311 Leave your name and number and how many units you would like to work on. The prices are great and the savings are huge. Hope this helps and good luck and have a great day.
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