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property management association

I'm looking to join an association for property management around Hartford, CT. I cant seem to pin-point which would be my best option. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Hey Alexis,  I want to thank you for pointing me to that site. I've decided to get my real estate salesperson license, and i start the 60 hour course requirement soon.  With that, along with eventually getting my broker license in two years, as well as the association certificate, i feel very confident things are going in the right direction. Again, thank you Alexis, it really opened up a path for me that will be a phenomenal addition.  Best, Tom
Hey Thomas,  Have check the above website?
Hey Thomas, These one also may be useful for you.
Thank you, Derrick.  I had come across the NAA and it does seem to be the best one for me to join. The other major national associations, such as the NARPM did not have a chapter in CT.    Were you able to get a certification from this association, or do you recommend a particular certification i can pursue?  Thank you for your response!
Here is a link to the state landlord association  I have definitely been able to use my State Association for all kinds of resources and meeting other landlords in my area. I fond them to be great support and have help me a lot.
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