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Tenant called me to repair basement carpet due to rain flood

There was a recent heavy rain that flooded Michigan, and the tenant now tells me that the basement is flooded and the carpet was damaged. The lease doesn't say anything regarding such disasters, but to does say that the landlord is responsible for all repairs (which refer to appliances, major wear and tear, etc). I don't have a flood insurance either. Any advice what to do? Thank you.

If flood repair is listed on the lease (which you said it isn't) you do not have to fix it. However, flooding can lead to mold, and mold can lead to a lawsuit. I would investigate the damage and find the cheapest way to go about fixing it. It is better to be safe than sorry. I know it is an inconvenience but now you know the basement leaks and can avoid this issue in the future.
The landlord is relieved of the duty to  repair and comply, if the tenant’s willful or  irresponsible conduct or lack of conduct has  caused the disrepair or violation of health or  safety laws.
I found this in a Michigan Pamphlet. Good Luck "Repair and maintenance problems range  from things that are merely annoying to things  that pose an immediate threat to health and  safety. Both the landlord and the tenant have  some responsibility for maintenance. There are three types of maintenance  problems:  1. Emergencies require action within  24 hours and pose an immediate  threat to the health and safety of the  occupant(s)—gas leak, flooding, defective  furnace, or major roof damage;"
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