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Damage to Home

My renter just caused some damage to the garage door rendering it inoperable. It appears that the renter had not taken out renters insurance. The renter has also just completed their lease term and choose to continue month to month with no sign of discontinuing the lease. Anyone have any advice on how to handle the repair to the garage door or has anyone dealt with this before? This is the first major repair/damage I've had to deal with so any advice is appreciated.   Mike

I'm having the same issue where a shower was destroyed by the renter. Grout came out between the tiles, which allowed water to get behind the tiles and drywall.  The renter never brought it to my attention. I just sent the renter, who has since moved out, the estimate from the contractor. Fingers crossed they pay.
Did he pay a security deposit? If yes, then simply deduct the amount need for repairing from that deposit.
You can seek professional help from a real estate agent. My agents at Cloud Real Estate help me in maintaining my property.
If the tenant damaged the door and you can prove it they are responsible to pay for it. Make them pay for damages or end the lease and evict. If they are on a month to month you can have them out easily within 30 day. A great way to present this would be to say we need to fix that door and you need to pay, if not You would need to vacate by "30 Days" so that you can make the repairs on your own. At this time you would use the security deposit for the repairs and if damages are more than that you can follow up and redeem the money through small claims court.  If they do not move in 30 days you can evict for damages to property.  Make sure to always take pictures and get as much proof as possible as well as receipts and estimates for any fixes. I hope this helps a little and good luck!
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