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Do I need a real estate license if I work for the homeowners?

I work part time (freelance) for a couple that owns 7 properties. Typical work week is around 10-15 hours. I fill in different hats for hem. From helping them in their office, errands, computer work and property management. With property management, I help them with repair maintenance. I reach out to plumbers, handyman and electricians to do the repair, get their invoices and forward it to the homeowners for payment. I also help out with rental apps, signing and renewal of leases. And they advertise me as their property manager to the tenants and prospective tenants even though I'm really technically their part time assistant.   Do I need a real estate license? I don't want to do something unlawful.  Thank you.

Some cities require you register, but if you are only doing this for family or friend, one person and not making a full time business out of it you should be ok. Also it really depends on how you are getting paid for your services. If it is itemized as property management you may want to consider making it official by registering or getting your real estate license which many cities require for property managers. Hope this helps!
How do you register? Where should I go to do that.  MY RE classes do not start until January 2018.
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