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Alternate accommodations

I have a renter in a townhouse that is moving out June 30. They contacted me on Thursday evening complaining that the A/C was not working properly. I contacted an HVAC company Friday afternoon and secured an appointment for Monday. That was the earliest. i advised the tenant. The temps are only in the 70's btw. Now they are advising me that they will be going to ahotel until the A/C is fixed and deducting in from the rent. I have exhibited due diligence in the matter. What is my recourse?

They have to give you a reasonable time to make repairs, going to a hotel is not your responsible to pay for...but to be nice to them you can buy them a air conditioner for the window until the repair man comes and that is still being nice.
Unless your lease allows for this sort of thing,  they are being silly.  If they withhold it from rent,  you can take it out of their deposit.  You aren't refusing to fix the a/c,  and the temps are not dangerous.  I replaced a furnace last December in below zero weather.  It takes a while for the house to heat up.  At 4 p.m. it was 47 degrees and the husband told me if he brought his 9 month old home "she might die".  I reminded him that his very own grandmother no doubt survived colder weather and that I would not be paying for any hotel.  They went home and survived,
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