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Rent increase notices

Is it ok to just send through an email an increase in rent notice?  I'm in Mexico and the mail is so slow and sometimes doesn't ever get to where its going.  Thank you!

Depends on what the lease says if email can be used as written correspondence.  You could email them and send a letter.  If you have a friend in the states email them the notice and have them put it in a envelope and mail it for you.
I just sent my notice to my tenants through the mail certified with return receipt. Check your states notice requirements, like mine is 30 days before I can change to amount. It also depends on what the lease says is the allowable way for communication between you guys.
I have own rentals and I never use regular mail for communications and rent increases, for example. I always state in the lease that email and text is considered a written form of communication. Email is much fast and convenient than sending an actual mail.
Just send email for the rent increase in rent notice is not a good idea. You have to send an email and also written notice 15 days before for collect the rent.
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