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Expenses deducted from security deposit

Question my prior tenant is requesting I provide her with actual receipts of the landscaping, brush cleanup & trim, plus pictures of what was done.  and requested she wanted to inspect the “repairs”. Is this legal? Tenant had 2 dogs that made a lot of damage.  Also states she is not willing to pay for oven repair of a missing selector knob stated it wasn't her responsibility since appliance was old.

If the knob was there when the oven was provided and the tenant lost/broke it then the tenant is responsible.
Hello and welcome to the Forum Yolanda! We here need to know some missing things; 1. Lease regarding pets 2. Has the tenant left the property? 33. Are damages in excess of the deposit? Now Yolanda, assuming tenant has vacated the property and is questioning that the deposit return is less than the original - if you feel the charges are just, then just ignore. As you'd be the defendant, she'll have to prove it in court. As for the oven knob, if you provided the oven, you're responsible.
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