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damaged laminate flooring

California - LA County - single family house. we love our tenants - older couple, never bother us at all - we provide a solid home well maintained etc, any issue - taken care of immediately.  They have lived there for 5 years.  about 4 years ago, their fridge sprung a leak and flooded. our existing floor in the house (laminate) was damaged and needed to be replaced. with our help (resources and contacts etc... ) the floor was finally replaced and it took them over a year to complete . Finally it was done and looked fine.   sadly, our last visit - it appeared that there was damage to this new flooring. substantial scratches and scuff marks etc. The gentleman had had some medical issues and required mobility devices for a couple years but never the less - it appeared (though i dd not examine it as the visit was unrelated) damaged.   QUESTION: Can we require that the tenants repair the flooring while they are current tenants? or Do we have to wait till they end their lease at some point and then at that time we ask them?  The security deposit we have is significantly less than the floor will cost (likely replacement) and we are just concerned.   Please advise.   We are not looking to cause any issues. We really like our tenants but want to protect ourselves.  QUESTION PART 2 - if we have to or choose to wait till the lease is up or they move in the future - can we ask for moneys to address the floor that is above and beyond their deposit?  Our landlord insurance had high deductible and we are not wanting to put in a claim anyway (higher than the replacement would cost).  Again, please advise. Thank you

Hello and thank you to the forum! Wait a minute! They're PERFECT TENANTS AND WE LOVE OUR TENANTS And you've collected rent without issue for 5 years! There is NO judge in CAL that will see your side on this. QUESTION; Take the bill and raise rent that will recoup the payment over the next three years. Question Pt2 - If you lose them, then you're losing.
The damage is already done.  Why would you replace the flooring while they are still there?  It just might get damaged again.   Check your paper work on the flooring sounds like you might want to see if there is a wear warranty.
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