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Property detail sheets

What are you using to log your properties details? For example, size of each room, the flooring for each room, and paint, services at each property? I want to be able to look at a binder and see at a glance what paint colors are in each unit, what type flooring, where was paint purchased etc.

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I have four properties (18+ apartments). First, I measured and recorded onto graph paper (available at any art supply store) 4"=1 box. Then, I bought one paint (neutral light tan) in 5 gallon pails from a nearby Mega-Home-Repair and painted every wall with that number and again eggshell white (keep the number) for the ceilings. Then, I bought engineered flooring/carpet using the same rules as paint. Now, when I show apartments, I tell the prospective tenants "You are free to repaint the walls at your own expense. However, if at the time when you vacate the walls and ceiling are not in the same condition as you see now, I charge the cost of having a professional painter repaint." Carpet is a different issue.
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