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Can Tenant Request Expedited Entry to Premises?

I am a pretty new landlord.  I live right next to my rental.  My tenants just told me today that the washing machine in their house isn't starting.  My lease with them says I will give them 48-hours notice before entering to address a non-emergency maintenance issue.  Is there a best-practice way for me to get their permission to enter the rental sooner than 48 hours if that is what they want?  Thank you for any advice!

I just tell them I can be there in ten minutes if they are available.   they tell you yes or no grab your tools and go over.  As long as they are there they can invite you in.  The 48 hour thing is to keep landlords form going in when ever they want.
Hello and welcome to the landlord experience!  The above response is absolutely on the mark. Just text them first and once you get an approval everythngs fine. Or, when they notify you that repairs are needed, work out a "best time" then and there. The "48 hour" clause is there in case the tenant refuses your requests for entry. With a 48 hour advance notice, then they cannot refuse.  Good Luck
I have several rental properties myself, and also have the 48hr notice. Whenever a tenants calls or text me, and they need me to fix something, that 48 hour rule is not relevant if the tenant gives you permission to go fix it the same day.
Thank you all for the great advice!
Soooo, when do you need to use the "48" hour rule? I walk thru my properties once every three months so I text "I would like to do a quick walk-thru on 7/14/18 between 1-3pm. If this is a problem please texted me." or should the tenant give notice that they are vacating at the end of this month, then text "I will need to show the apartment on the 14th and 21st of July between the hours of 1-3pm. Please have the apartment available. If this is a problem please texted me" In both cases they cannot say no.  Good Luck and welcome to the Landlord Experience!
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