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how do i know how much to charge for my 2 bedroom duplex

I haven t raised the rent in my duplex for 3 years how much can I rent it for it doesn't have dishwasher but has washer dryer hookups in separate ajoingin room, a separate shed a back and side yard in a high demand zip code 99337 in kennewick washington  she is paying 650.00 a month

Look around on a real estate website and see what other people are asking for with a similar home in your area.  I general only reaise the rent 25/50 dollars at a time enough to keep up with rising costs, and get a little profit but not so much that it would be worth it for the tenant to move.
Click th link for landlords link and it has a rent adjuster link on there. Also, look at the comps in that area and see how much people are paying for rent
Just Google apartments for rent in zip code XXXXX and look at comps (bedrooms/bathrooms/sqft, pets/no pets) etc.
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