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I am a live-in landlord, I rent out the rooms to other tenants. There is 1 roommate, she has been here for 5 months, me and her are both females and early 20s. Before she moved in, she did not ask us about any accommodation, her room is small so cannot fit a desk (she brought her own TV stand for her TV in the room). One week after moving in, she brought her work computer home, and said that she would be working in the living room. Since the ethernet cable is not long enough, I had to bring a spare desk near the router so she could sit there (instead of sitting at the dining table). I'm not sure if this was bad planning on her end, because if she knew she could not fit a computer in her room, why would she still agree to rent the room?  Things would be ok if she remembers to turn off her computer and ceiling fan after use. I have told her more than 3 times, both in writing (text) and face to face talking. But her actions are inconsistent, it seems like she only remembers to turn those off after I reminded her and then things will be the same. At this point, I get tired of reminding, I'm also going away for 2 months so I won't know if she follows this rule either.  I have been considerate as to not make loud noise while she was working, such as washing/drying clothes in the evening (living room is connected to kitchen and laundry room without doors) or vacuuming when she's not working. Sometimes I find this a bit inconvenient because she works 8-5 and I usually have free time during the day to do house chores (I'm a student) but in the evening I have other things to do, and I somehow have to adjust this according to her work time.  When she's not on calls, she watches tiktok or talking to friends on her phone with loud speaker to the point that I cannot take a nap in the afternoon (my room is next to the kitchen). Yesterday my sister came home to vacuum the house, because the loud noise coming from the vacuum, she asked my sister not to vacuum when she's working. Another time, I was fixing something in the living room (I was clearly busy) and she was coming back from lunch break, she asked me if I could turn on the ceiling fan, to which I was surprised she made such request but still did because of politeness.  She also uses other people's stuff without asking (including mine). Took ice cube without filling back with water, used vacuum without emptying the dust bin after, taking chair from the living room and my steamed iron for her own use.  After all these incidents, I have been thinking that she isn't considerate of other people. I have had friends suggesting me that since the living room is a shared space, I have equal right to do whatever I want while she's there. They told me that neither of us have the right to tell others to stop doing what they're doing. Is this correct? Am I supposed to accommodate her request to work in the living room from the beginning? If she told me to stop vacuuming, does this count as violating the lease?

Edit to the Title: [TX] Do I have to accommodate my roommate's request for her to work in the living room? (sorry my first time posting here)

As the live-in landlord, you have the right to set rules and guidelines for the use of common areas in the home, including the living room. However, you also have an obligation to be fair and reasonable in accommodating the needs of your roommate.

Here are some factors to consider:

1. Your lease agreement: If your roommate is on the lease agreement, you may need to abide by the terms of the lease regarding the use of common areas.

2. Your roommate's work schedule: If your roommate needs to work from home and does not have a dedicated workspace, it may be reasonable to allow her to use the living room during certain hours of the day.

3. Your own needs: If you also need to use the living room for work or relaxation, you may need to negotiate a schedule or set some boundaries to ensure that both of you can use the space comfortably.

4. Safety concerns: If your roommate's work involves hazardous materials or equipment, or if her work creates excessive noise or disturbance, you may need to consider whether it is safe and reasonable to allow her to work in the living room.

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether to accommodate your roommate's request. If you do agree to allow her to work in the living room, you may want to set some ground rules to ensure that both of you can use the space comfortably and without undue disturbance. It is also a good idea to have a written agreement outlining the terms of the arrangement to avoid any misunderstandings or disputes down the line.

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