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selling house

Is there way I should go about telling the tenant I am selling the house?

Can I just send my tenant a letter that I am selling the house, or is there a legal question here in the way I tell them?
You'll need to take into account both the tenant's rights under the lease or rental agreement as well as state or local law. So, I think you should consult your lawyer.
Send them a letter that you are selling for documentation purposes and then give them at least 30 day notice to vacate. The new owners may want to keep them as tenants.
I have 2 Tenants current lease is yearly from 9/1/20 to 9/1/21 I live in 3rd unit on property. Converting to a Month to Month lease on 9/1/21 Sale of property Notice to be given on 7/6/21 The sale of property notice will give tenants approximately 60 days prior to the property being put on the market for sale. In the event the property is sold quickly the tenants have the right to leave apartment or stay with new landlord??  Have researched many sites and not sure HOW MUCH NOTICE to give tenants if new owner buys under condition of EMPTY UNITS?? 60 days also??
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