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Tenant Has Roommates She Wants Out

We recently purchased a property where the tenant on the lease has two roommates, but they are not on the lease only as occupants.  She wants them out.  What are her rights?

If they are not on the lease, the tenant has two options: 1. If the roommates have received mail and/or have the address on their DLs, then the tenant will have to file eviction against the roomate(s).  2. If they don't and they have no formal docs showing they live there, tell the tenant to call the police.  Basically, and legally, the tenant is sub-leasing the rooms. Therefore, she is their landlord.
Well the laws of your State must be considered. Generally speaking as long as the person can prove they have lived there at that location, i.e. a bill, driver license, etc. they they will have to evict. Depending on the amount of time they have lived there and your state laws it could be a no stated cause eviction or it may require more enhanced version, again that depends  on your state laws.
She should give them each a written 30 day notice of non-renewal for their lease, It should indicate that they are to vacate no later then 31 march 2022.  (if given before feb28)  If they are there on april 1st she goes and files for eviction.
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