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Tenant wants out

I have a tenant who just renewed for another year but her roomate did not. She asked if her sister and nephew could move in also this year. Since she has been a great tenant  and after interview and app. from sister it was approved. The original tenant now finds that she can not get along with sister and wants to move out. I believe the second sister is going to be a problem tenant (noise, late night friends over,etc). If one wants to break the lease, how do I get both out? They are both on lease. I am looking to avoid future problems. Neither one will qualify on their own to pay rent

Depending on the lease, generally all tenant are responsible wholly and separately. This is whether or not they descide to move out. I would have the "good" tenant try to to pursuade the other tenant to move. This way everyone will be in agreement.
If they are under a lease, if they are responsible for the rent, have them pay you out to move or do the leg work and find you a new tenant.. something like that
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