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Rent after end of lease

I own a studio condo in Oregon, and have a lease ending Dec 19, 2009 at $650/month.  Then I've told the tenant that the rent is going to $700/mo.  She doesn't want to pay that and is telling me that she has a right to leave when she wants (over New Years) and will pay $650/mo  till then.  There is a new renter ready to move in Dec 19 at $700, but she is willing to wait till current renter moves out.  Can I ask current renter to pay $22.60/day which is the same as $700/mo.?

You have to check your local laws on renting in OR   In Massachusetts you have to give them in writing a 30 day notice
Thanks for your answer.  I have given written notice.    My question is can I get new rental rate after the lease terminates till the current renter leaves?
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