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Rent after end of lease

I own a studio condo in Oregon, and have a lease ending Dec 19, 2009 at $650/month.  Then I've told the tenant that the rent is going to $700/mo.  She doesn't want to pay that and is telling me that she has a right to leave when she wants (over New Years) and will pay $650/mo  till then.  There is a new renter ready to move in Dec 19 at $700, but she is willing to wait till current renter moves out.  Can I ask current renter to pay $22.60/day which is the same as $700/mo.?

Thanks for your answer.  I have given written notice.    My question is can I get new rental rate after the lease terminates till the current renter leaves?
You have to check your local laws on renting in OR   In Massachusetts you have to give them in writing a 30 day notice
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