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irresponsible 20 yr. old tenant

Im renting a basement room in my home to a 20yr.old used to be student. He didnt attend class so he lost all of his funding, including rent.   first he paid a month&1/2 in advance cause he was waiting for his money. I gave him a reciept stating he had paid till end of july.  then he called to ask if he could move in 2 weeks early. I said yes and assumed that the rent would start when he moved in. I didnt think to change the reciept. FIRST MISTAKE.   I was trying to help.  1 week before the rent is due I find out he has no money. he said he went to get food stamps and that they would give him the rent. I wasnt sure what to do.  Then he starts bringing in LOTS of people that are spending the night. then I smell beer on them and they are all underage.  I will not take the fall for underage drinking or the liability. then he is running the air conditioner with the windows open.  I had a talk with him about the air and the drinking and told him it is not acceptable. now he is running the he

Ask a lawyer some will give you a free consultation, Ibelieve he is your tenant and you must evict him like the law says in your state , get a lawyer and ask, He is a nuisance.
If he hasn't paid rent, send him proper notice and start eviction.
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