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Which Property Management Software?

Hi All,  Anyone here have a particular property management software solution they find particularly effective? I've been using builduim, as its nice to get at my stuff from any computer. I've been looking at OneSite ( but I have no experience with them. Mind you I have several apartment properties, across two states so I need something a little more robust than Excel. Any thoughts?  

I tried to get some input here but it doesn't seem like anyone is interested in having this discussion. I wanted something easy to use and would take care of unlimited properties (rents and expenses) as well as multiple units. I decided to go with a program by Simp-List's program "Rental Property Organizer." It shows you the type of reports it generates before you buy it. Great feature. The report section also creates tax reports with just a click on a button. And, it shows you the line # for Schedule E taxes. This I find very helpful if you're doing your own taxes or you can save it as a pdf file to send to a tax person. Simp-List Software offers a free download with preinstalled data for testing the report section. If you decide to give it a try, I would be interested in your thoughts. There's not a whole lot out there and I don't like the idea of sending all my info to a cloud. So far I like it. I don't need it to handle deposits, fancy graphs, etc. Just something that's easy. As mentioned earlier, not too many here want to discuss/share how they keep track of things. Maybe your question will get things going.
We have 5 single family houses rented to students, and we are adding more each year.  When we needed an upgrade from Excel we went with Buildium, very powerful and reasonalbe cost.  I recomend you at least look at it.  Michael
Thanks for your input. From the reviews, it appears to be a good program. However, I'm not willing to place all my data on some unknown server (Cloud).
There are many property management companies and they have its own property  management software .There are so many product whose information property management companies have.
There are many property management companies and they have its own property management software .There are so many product whose information property management companies have. petaluma property management
I am new to renting property and found this discussion very helpful. I will have to look into these software programs.
I have just started a free trial at and it does not seem to handle advanced accounting such as depreciation schedules but the interface is great. We also have multiple users across different cities so being online is great.  If you use code 3015 in their express setup you can bypass the CC entry.  
Try out, it's a new property management web site for landlords that is currently in beta. For this reason, you get 2 months free right now, after that it'd only be $5/month if you have 1-2 properties.  It's simple and intuitive to use, which is more than I can say for other software I've used such as Quicken Rental Property Manager and LandlordMAX.   Some of the features: - Manage your properties, tenants, lease agreements, and rental finances. - Generate alerts when tenants are late on rent, when a tenant's lease is ending, etc... - Run reports on things like net operating income, cash on cash invested, etc... - Document sharing (lease agreements, eviction notices) - Prospective tenant history search  Pretty cool so far, check it out.
Well guys I have heard really good things about 123landlord which is really good property management software. It can be the best   rental property management software ever for you. Just know about it. It will fulfill all your needs.
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