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New Unauthorized Pet

I have a good tenant who is authorized for his small dog, which is in his contract prior to moving in; however he let it slip on July 4th when he dropped off the rent that he has a cat. They claim that they "sort of adopted" a stray cat in the neighborhood. He has taken it to the vet when another dog on the block got out and attacked it. They feed and care for it. I told them they are only authorized for one pet but they tell me it's a stay. I have not done anything about it but now they have given me notice. They implied that they are going to leave it behind and I already have new tenants lined up. How do I deal with an abandoned pet and security deposit?

If they leave the cat behind, report them to law enforcement for abandonment.
Well the tenants actually took in another animal without letting you know so in AZ they would be in breech of contract. I would read through your rights as a landlord in your landlord act for your state and see what you can do. Or if you dont want to make a big deal out of this then take the cat to animal control in your area and let them know its a stray. I def don't know everything but I hope this helps a little.
So much for a being a good tenant. Are tenants on a month-to-month or a lease?
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