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Garbage disposal repair

I recently sent my plumber to fix the sink garbage disposal in one of my rentals. The plumber had found a dish liquid lid/top lodged in the disposal preventing it from turning. Luckily nothing major. Is there a form for asking the tenant to reimburse for costs incurred for repairs?  I did receive a bill from the plumber.

The link below will take you to the Notice to Tenant to Repair Damages form.
You could talk to your property manager about the issue like I always turn up to Hunter Rentals & Property Management who are currently handling 2 of my properties in Killeen, Texas.
I personally do not  like garbage diposals and I do some plumbing work.  My opinion is if it can't fit through to quarter inch holes in the strainer it does not belong in the sewer system.  Is it once a mistake twice a habit scenario?  Is it worth disrupting the tenant relationship?
In my lease it clearly states the difference between maintenance repairs and tenant damage.  If the tenant "causes" something to break they pay for it.  Nomal wear and tear is mine.  Examples: If the dishwasher breaks, that's mine.  It the garbage disposal wears out, that's mine.  It the tenant damages the garbage disposal by clogging it up or foreign materials freeze it, that's theirs.  If the tenant clogs the toilet wth batteries, that's theirs.  If they slam a door and break it, they pay.  If they trash the blinds, they pay.  If they STAIN the carept, they pay.
A garbage disposal is considered a extra amedity. This is something I do not have to Fix as Landlord as long as its not causing any plugging up of sink or water leaks. In that case unfortuantly it needs to be addressed no damage occures...And or if its the Tenants fault. .. End of lease term put the repair on the to do list for the Tenants and or deduct from deposit.. If they broke it the Tenant needs to replace it..and have it put in by a licensed professional.  This is why i think the move in check list and take tons of photo's of everything before you have anyone move in as a Tenant is so important...And to specify everything in the Lease Agreement...  Kaprice
Maintenance repairs and tenant damage. This is an ongoing issue with tenants.  It is part of my introductory statement before their application is completed.  I like EZ Forms because it makes it clear when signing the tenant is to be responsible for damage up to a stated amount ( Landlords choose). There really only needs to be a call to the landlord, (per the contract)  informing the landlord of the problem, followed by a call to the plumber. Thank You EZ Landlord Forms
The best issue you'll do to worry for your disposal is to use it. Regular use prevents corrosion of the moving components and may keep it from protection up. Harsh chemicals ought to ne'er be used. it's suggested to show on the unit and place many drops of dish laundry soap down the drain whereas running cold water. The soap can break down any sludge build up and block on unhealthy smells . check out the best garbage reviews here :
Just because for these problems, i didn't like garbage disposals. I have surveyed 3 brands so far; Teka (made in Germany), InsinkErator (US) and Kleengard(?). Teka n Kleengard is about ~RM 1200 for 0.75hp. Kleengard is close to 2K. All has air switch though for Kleengard need to pay a little extra for that. And new models have reverse grinding...  One of the major concern is the loud noise it created during operation.  Now, im not up for new garbage disposals and repairs!
One of my friends just removes it when one breaks in a property and switches it to regular plumbing.
you can buy other garbage disposal
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