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Our tenant is way behind on their rent. they have been promising to pay but have not made any payment for over a month. We found out that he no longer has his job. We gave them a three day eviction notice, can we change the locks after three days if they decide not to leave?

It depends on the county. First thing is stop by the police station.
Verbal leases are typically considered 30 day (MTM). Just issue a 20 day pay or vacate. No signed lease required.
Read the lease.  On a month to month it's generally one month's notice.  Did you do it through EZLandlord?
Hit send too soon.  You aren't EVICTING them,  you are simply ending the lease.  Eviction is a legal process for a tenant who doesn't pay rent or otherwise is breaking the lease.
Notification to terminate a month to month or at will tenant vary, I'm sure, from state to state. In Florida, the law is a 15 day notice for a monthly lease or whatever is written in your lease. So the above respondent is correct. If your lease says anything about a notice either by tenant or landlord then that would take precedence.
I have a tenant that his payment is overdue on this month, his date payment is on 1day of each month, however, until now no payment have been made by the tenant , I must send the 3 day notice , already I sent the late payment request Thank you  Mario J Santana
Why are you evicting them?
In Alaska we use the court form for the 7 day notice to quit for non-payment of rent and then yes once the 7 days are up and they haven't moved you file with the court for a writ to have them removed if needed (usually doesn't get that far).  If it's the end of their lease and you want them out in AK we only have to give them a 30 day non-renewal notice (ezlandlord form non-renewal notice) and then if they are not out at the 30 days then again yes you can file with the court.   Really depends on why you are giving them notice, the state your in, etc.  Our courts have an eviction booklet on line that walks you through the process, maybe your courts have a similar handbook?
In Florida its not that easy. Follow your states statutes. Alot depends on what type of lease you have, yearly or monthly. Most states will stipulate the notice for a non renewal. If its for other reasons like violations, unpaid rent again there are steps you have to take. Once you've followed, to the T, then you can submit for writ of possession. Count on it taking a good amount of time, especially now during the pandemic. Use the exact forms with the legal verbiage available on this site for your state to give notice. And yes, the court system in your county will have the exact steps to follow. Do that or hire a lawyer to do it for you. You don't want to misstep
Hey guys! If you're looking for a lawyer who's well informed and well versed with Landlord-Tenant Law New York.
Call the police and let them know about her threats of self harm and that she owns a firearm.  Even better if there are texts.  File for eviction.
Dear  My name is Mario J Santana  I have used your service before at Broward County  I have a tenant that his Lease contract will end on July 01,2021  but they say that they not want to leave the property , However , the owner .send a notice to vacate the property on May 14,2021 where the tenant was informed , that the Lease will not be renew , no extension days , and the final inspection will be done on July 01,2021. I would like introduce the eviction to vacate the property , before , end the lease , to have the property vacate for July  I can introduce the Eviction ? Thank you
I think you should consult with your legal advisor or send her a legal notice.
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