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Our tenant is way behind on their rent. they have been promising to pay but have not made any payment for over a month. We found out that he no longer has his job. We gave them a three day eviction notice, can we change the locks after three days if they decide not to leave?

Yes you can evict them immediately, make sure to gather all proof of the breach and send the proper notices to perform or quit. Then file the eviction with the court Take note of damages and the receipt or estimate from contractors for repairs.
If they come up with all money that is owed for rent and damages, the judge will let them stay. But that's all you want anyways.
You still need to do everything legally. Just file the eviction with the court and after the proper time then you can re-claim the property and change the lock.
A verbal contract is a lease so you can do an eviction just as if you went through an actually signed lease.  You will need to send a notice to pay or quit then file the official eviction with the court.
I don't know how to file my eviction with the court to proceed. I sent eviction notices for non payment which were ignored, and they are just squatting there. Thanks in advance. Melanie.
I don't know how to file my eviction with the court to proceed. I sent eviction notices for non payment which were ignored, and they are just squatting there. Thanks in advance. Melanie.
You can evict them for refusing to let you into the property if you have given the proper notice. First step issue a notice to quit and set a move out date. Also let them know that you are filing eviction with the court. You will need to submit a service of notice to the court and must give the tenant the proper amount of time in your state and city. Your court house would know the local regulations. Good Luck and don't expect it to go to smoothly unless all of your ducks are in a row and paperwork is in order.
First step is to make sure that when writing documents your autocorrect is off or at least edited to catch any mistakes. Second you will want to file everything with the court, certain cities have evictions law preventing eviction in winter months and other things like that. Your local court who you will file with will know the law and advice you on the best steps. If they are on a month-to-month basis now start with a 30 day notice and feel a service of notice with the court so that you are ahead of the game. Usually people will move given the time to do so, 30 days is standard.
Yes you can start advertising early. You can even show the property but you must still give the proper 24 hour notice. There is no regulation that you cannot have access to the property and the tenant cannot deny you.
If they have been in the rental for over 30 days, you would have to follow regular Ohio tenant eviction procedure. Which starts with delivering a 3 Day Notice.
It really depends on what it is for, is it for non-payment or for illegal action or for breaking the lease. Depending on your state there are different amounts of time that you must give for each notice.  You can however start an eviction immediately, and when you do you would want to file the with the court that you sent a notice.
You cannot just change the locks, if they do not move out by the date stated in your notice you must evict them. This may seem like a pain but if the locks are changed this could land you in much more trouble than simply filing for the eviction and having it go through court process.
Yes eviction means taking her to court, do so and expect her to be out in 30 days no less. Eviction takes some time. Make sure all of your paper work is on order and file it with the court ASAP along with a notice to the tenant that they are being evicted for failure to pay. After eviction you may need to go after her in small claims court to get the rest of the money. Good Luck
It is very important that you use a Constable to deliver your notices. By using their service you are insured that your tenant has been served the correct notices and they will file with the court for you as well.
Let her appeal the fact she was not there does not matter and in fact helps you.  Now that eviction has gone through you can legally have her remove by the police if needed and change the locks. You will need to follow OR state law on how long you must hold the tenants possessions. If she failed to show that is a sign that she will fail to actually act on an appeal.
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