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Our tenant is way behind on their rent. they have been promising to pay but have not made any payment for over a month. We found out that he no longer has his job. We gave them a three day eviction notice, can we change the locks after three days if they decide not to leave?

The issue is with accepting partial rent.  Note that if you start an eviction and accept partial rent, then you have to start the eviction process over again.
Margaret, I am not sure if there are any landlord tenant laws that go with your situation. Good luck!
In most states, under a month-to-month, either party can terminate the lease by providing at least a 30-day notice.
If she does not move out, you can go through the normal eviction process. Evicting Section 8 and other tenants, however, usually means a trip to court for an eviction order.
please send me a email on this
NEVER. You can never legally turn off utilities to force a tenant out. You've given your notices, now why haven't you filed eviction against them?  You only need one notice. When they ignore that notice what makes you think they will pay when you send a second and third?  Just file the court paperwork and then you will be sending a message they will actually pay attention to.
What was the cause for losing her voucher?
When you say "eviction letter" what do you mean?  Do you mean a "pay or quit notice"?  When you accept payments, don't accept partials unless you're sure that the person will be able to pay the remainder.  If you accept partials, you're setting yourself up for a precedent of allowing the tenant to pay you partials.  When are they paying you the remainder?
Was there a previous lease? If so the lease would renew on a month to month basis after the first year. If he gives the tenant 30 days notice they must leave within that time if they do not then yes he will need to evict them.
I accepted half the rent 10 days ago and since , the tenant has not paid the rest.... I want to evict her because this is not acceptable. Can I just send her a 3 day pay or vacate ?
Start the eviction process for everyone and get new renters in there ASAP. If you file an eviction with the court you will be all set that if they try to come back in 4 months that they have already been evicted. As for the cousin cut him loose he is not on the lease. He has no right being in the house.  Get the house ready for showing and change the lock once you have new renters.
Great, thank you much.
Tamara I would seek out an attorney immediately. If they are experienced at this then they will know how to cheat the system. An attorney will be able to advise you the best.
I am sorry Tamara, we at ezlandlordforms cannot lend legal information or advice. We are not lawyers and agree with David on this issue. Please seek professional advice from a lawyer or contact your local court to find out the best way to proceed. Good luck!
The tenants cannot break the lease, if they do you are entitled to security and rents owed. It is an unfortunate situation but it is not Life threatening.  If they do move out you will want to find new roommates asap and would probably want to start clean and ask that all of them vacate the premises. As for Utah law you would want to contact a lawyer in regards to how the best war to carry this out would be.
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