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Our tenant is way behind on their rent. they have been promising to pay but have not made any payment for over a month. We found out that he no longer has his job. We gave them a three day eviction notice, can we change the locks after three days if they decide not to leave?

May I ask, how do you not know if the tenant has paid the rent in full every month? How does the tenant pay you?
Before filing a Complaint to to get possession back and evict, you must first serve a Demand for Possession Non-Payment of Rent which requires that your tenant pay the rent or give up possession of the premises within seven (7) days (excluding Saturday, Sunday, and legal holidays) after the date of delivery of notice. After the expiration time on the service of the Seven-Day Notice you may proceed with filing the Complaint for Eviction.
In agreement with Donald, that would be a feasible and legal solution. Check your state law to see how long they must have left their property on your property without pickup to be able to legally declare it abandoned. Since you may not get much by suing them for storage fee, if the property is abandoned you can sell whatever you can to recoup some of your costs for storage.
We rented out our home in california and let them do payments on their DEPOSIT (yea I know its crazy) but since they did not have the full amount we arranged payment for every 15 of the month and in the contract I stated if they are 3 days late on their deposit payment they will be subject to eviction. and only be permitted on the property until the end of that month. IS their an EDITABLE 15 day notice to Vacate is that legal.? thanks
My tenants lease expired on 8/1/10. He has been served 3 times inthe past 7 months with a 3 day notice to pay rent or quit. Now he has no lease has not paid rent for August. Now it is Sept. He was served with a Notice to Vacate. I must now file the CA sUMMONS OF COMPLAINT, UNLAWFUL DETAINER, SEVERAL CIVIL CASE COVER SHEETS, AND FILE IN COURT. I LIVE OUT OF STATE. I AM A MEMBER  OF EZ LANDORD. HOW CAN YOU HELP ME  WITH THE PAPERS. Co tenant moved out 6 monts ago i did not releve her from the lease agreement. She is demamding the security deposit. I am still going to sue her with eviction, back rent, holding posseesion of my property, even though the lease was up on 8/1 . one of the tenant still is in possession and not pating any rent.
In the state of Arizona, I believe the landlord/tenant act states that the landlord must keep tenants unclaimed belongings for 10 days.  You might want to check out the law in your state though.
Tahiti,  I have a book called "Every Landlord's Legal Guide" which lists state laws regarding handling property left behind by tenants.  According to the book, the state of Pennsylvania has no statute on how to handle a tenant's abandoned property.  Hope that helps.
In PA: ss a general rule, a tenant does not forfeit or lose title to its personal property by failing to remove it from the leased In premises after termination of the lease, even if that failure continues for a reasonable time after the lease ends. The landlord should make every attempt at notification. The landlord also has the obligation of storing the personal property for a reasonable amount of time. The tenant is responsible to pay for any moving or storage costs.
Residential tenant has warrant for arrest for ID theft and Theft. Rent has been paid by an adoption agency which is now finished and will no longer pay rent. Police have been unable to arrest her and she is hiding somewhere, but not on property. She will be arrested and kept in jail for at least 33 days when found, unless she post bail, which is unlikely. Her brother and and a small child (not hers) remain on property and have no  means of support.   I would like to terminate written lease agreement and find a more suitable  tenant.   I am interested in using your service, but do not understand what I need?
You should be asking your attorney this question.
i did he said go through the court but according to the law i can evict i want to make sure
i did he said go through the court but according to the law i can evict i want to make sure
It all depends on NJ law, you need to find out from someone with knowledge of your state. Some places the sheriff will show up and you can move stuff to the curb others you have to pay for storage of there fine art for a time.  Here in Indiana even after eviction I can't just toss there stuff but have to pay for moving and storage.  Sometimes the court clerks can be helpful with questions or I would consult with an attorney.
A landlord may end a periodic or monthly tenancy that is for more than a year with a 60 day notice. Generally, the notice doesn't have to state the landlord's reason for ending the tenancy.
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