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Our tenant is way behind on their rent. they have been promising to pay but have not made any payment for over a month. We found out that he no longer has his job. We gave them a three day eviction notice, can we change the locks after three days if they decide not to leave?

I think the first step here is to see what it says in the lease. I have tenants who have leases where changing the locks after a certain time was written right in the document. It is another reason to make sure that you have a lease document that is up to date and reflects what you need a s a landlord!
Each state had their own set of statutes and laws. The water bill issue will vary according to locale. This site is a great resource for state requirements. Have you started the eviction process yet? It sounds to me that you need to see what the eviction procedures are for your location and get started right away.
Each state has its own requirements. I would agree to check what they are, even locally, and go from there. The leases is critical, so make sure you have the correct rights to proceed as stated in the document. Check this website for some great information!
i need a 7 dyay eviction notice
When you say 7 days, Nadirah, do you mean you want them out in 7 days? Is there a section in the lease that permits that?
It is a great question, Kathleen. Again, I agree that you need to use the lease and the terms of the lease on any of these issues. Otherwise, you are working without a net! This website has great resources for this.
rentivating house
This depends on many things. Why do you want to evict? Why aren't you going after the one who IS on the Lease? Technically, the one who signs the lease is the responsible party BUT if you know of someone who is living there and not on the Lease and they are of age, to cover bases, I think I would include them in any of the notices.
Also, if the person is not on the Lease, they can be seen as a trespasser.  There are civil and criminal penalties for this.
What is the legal time frame for notice to pay rent or quit and evictions in Clark County in Washington State.  Thank you
It depends on the type of and length of the Lease.  What do you have?
what are restrictions if any to evict someone in springfield mo? i have verbally told them to call if they would be late. they wont. i have told them to pay late fees many times. they wont. they pay rent whenever they want to.what proper things do i need to do? i want to make sure i am doing right.
Is the truck registered properly? Have you tried contacting the police to see if they can do something for you? This is a bit different - I would think that this is not really a landlord tenant situation.
Ok, there is no lease and no contract, but even in a private home an eviction notice has to be given?
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