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Our tenant is way behind on their rent. they have been promising to pay but have not made any payment for over a month. We found out that he no longer has his job. We gave them a three day eviction notice, can we change the locks after three days if they decide not to leave?

After the 30 days is up, file for eviction
when does the lease end?
1. Future communications in writing/email/text as allowed in lease contract. 2. Do not renew the lease, give notice per the lease contract. 3. If you use exLF's recommended language dealing with entry and repairs, then follow them.  Likewise when there is breach of contract, do not delay to take action.
You can send a 7 day notice listing your concerns and the breach of not allowing access for repairs. Repairs are essential, especially plumbing and pest issues. If a tenant refuses to allow access and she has signed a lease renewal you have no choice but to go the eviction realm. Tough time. Don't know the law in NJ but I believe it can be a stickler with lots of regulations. You will need an attorney with this situation. Never fun. Like Ricardo says, notices and written communication as described in your lease is essential.
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